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Story 012 – 1995 – Products

Inconspicuous – but high quality standards

A piece of Wieland is found in many writing utensils

Wires or bands of nickel silver and brass are used in high-quality writing utensils. Have you already held a ballpoint pen in your hand that you would have liked to keep because it wrote so excellently?

Very few people are aware of the fact that an everyday object such as a ballpoint pen contains pre-material from Wieland. While brass tips are usually used for simple ballpoint pens, nickel silver tips are used for high-quality writing utensils. They guarantee – in the truest sense of the word - smooth writing, offer high corrosion resistance, even against chemically aggressive inks, and better wear resistance. These are all factors that ultimately enable an even and long lasting flow of ink and ensure a high level of writing culture.

The refills are usually deep drawn from nickel silver materials, which Wieland supplies as strip material. They therefore have a natural silver-optic surface, which provides a high-quality appearance without further need for treatment or coating. The inconspicuous, but for writing so important ballpoint pen tips, on the other hand, are mostly machined from nickel silver wire with diameters between 1.6 and 2.5 millimeters. From the deliveries made by Voehringen, more than 40,000,000,000 ballpoint pen tips are manufactured by customers in Thailand, India and Malaysia.

Numerous well-known manufacturers also use Wieland chipping brass for the cone that envelops the refill tip and the ring on which the ballpoint pen can be unscrewed. It can be brilliantly polished or electroplated, for example in gold, and thus sets no limits to the designers' ideas.

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The properties of the nickel silver wires from which the ballpoint pen tips are made decisively determine the quality of the writing utensil.