Sheet Metal Sample Book 1915
Sheet Metal Sample Book 1915
Icon Sheet Metal Sample Book, 1915

Weighty argument for distribution

The sheet metal sample book was an important tool for customer acquisition

Even in 1915, quality could not be replaced by anything else, not even by elaborate brochures printed by Wieland regularly. The best proof of the quality of the sheet metal was provided by the products themselves. This gave rise to the idea of putting together small sample sheets – with short explanations – in handy ”books“ for the sales staff. In this way, the surfaces could be experienced visually and haptically, and Wieland’s competence of finding solutions for the most diverse customer requirements could literally be grasped with hands. No wonder that similar ”books“ were in use for decades.

Explanation Sheet metal sample book

For the sales staff, the idea was born to compile small sample sheets together with short explanations in handy "books".

Sales talk

As early as 1919, the sales team used a sheet sample book to recommend the appropriate sheet quality to customers.