Plant ID card 1944
Icon Plant ID card, 1944

Coveted admission tickets to the “home from home”

When factory ID cards were not yet plastic cards

Historical company identity cards tell us a lot. For example, that Wieland attached early on importance to the clear identification of its employees for reasons of security and secrecy. It’s no coincidence that there is a reference on the back of the ID card to the fact that any misuse would lead to „criminal prosecution“. In addition, the documents – embedded into a robust metal frame – clearly embodied the belonging to the Wieland family, creating identification and pride. Many families still keep their parents’ or grandparents’ identity cards safe.

Extract Plant ID card

Owning a plant ID card meant belonging to the Wieland family. It created identification and pride.

Extrusion presses Vöhringer factory

The badges were handed out in 1944 to employees of the Vöhringen plant.