Icon Carousel with six exhibits

Silent witnesses that have a lot to tell

Objects bring the Wieland history to life

Each of the exhibits tells a story, and at the same time stands for a very specific aspect of Wieland's history. The selection shows that not only technologies, innovations and production processes shaped the company, but also people, their ideas, their creativity and their attachment to Wieland.

Even small, at first glance unspectacular objects tell exciting stories on closer inspection - to smile at, to marvel at, or even those with a dramatic background. They are all equally worth knowing.

Saucepan of Aluminium

How Wieland made a virtue of necessity

To exhibit

Sheet Metal
Sample Book

Weighty argument for distribution

To exhibit


A little attention with high significance

To exhibit

Brass spigot

Useful presents with a long history

To exhibit

Pocket watch

Solid appreciation of many years of loyalty

To exhibit

Plant ID card

Coveted admission tickets to the “home from home”

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