Brass spigot 1900
Brass spigot 1900
Icon Brass spigot, 1900

Useful presents with a long history

Why spigots are more than an original promotional gift

The representative and fully functional spigots enjoyed great popularity among customers, suppliers and business partners. Although replicas, the artfully cast brass pieces are an integral part of Wieland’s history. From the very beginning, the product range of Philipp Jakob Wieland included beer spigots and water taps, but also pumps and fire extinguishers. They formed the basis for the subsequent entry into plant and installation technology, which have become an important success factor for Wieland since the development of seamlessly drawn tubes after 1900.

Wood die

The wooden die – for the reproduction of the useful spigots.

Fire pump

Besides beer spigots and cocks, P. J. Wieland develops groundbreaking products – such as the hand-operated fire pump.